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Ani, Smooth-billed

Antbird, Goeldi's

Antshrike, Barred

Brilliant, Violet-fronted

Bush Tanager, Yellow-throated

Cacique, Yellow-rumped

Caracara, Mountain

Cardinal, Red-capped

Chat-Tyrant, Rufous-breasted

Chlorophonia, Blue-naped

Cock of the Rock

Coquette, Rufous-crested

Cormorant, Neotropic

Elaenia, Sierran

Emerald, Blue-tailed

Emerald, Sapphire-spangled

Euphonia, Bronze-green

Flowerpiercer, Masked

Flycatcher, Cinnamon

Flycatcher, Grey-capped

Flycatcher, Short-crested

Hawk, Great-black


Ibis, Puna

Jewelfront, Gould's

Jewelfront, Gould's

Macaw, Blue & Yellow


Pigeon, Band-tailed

Fruit Crow, Bare-necked

Goose, Orinoco

Hawk, Roadside

Honeycreeper, Purple

Jacamar, Bluish-fronted

Hermit, Koepcke's

Hummingbird, Many-spotted

Jacamar, Purus

Kestrel, American

Macaw, Chestnut-fronted

Oropendola, Russet-backed

Pigeon, Plumbeous

Kingfisher, Amazon

Macaw, Red & Green

Parrot, Blue-headed

Piping Guan, Blue-throated

Grebe, Least

Hawk, Black-collared

Heron, Cocoi

Hummingbird, Speckled

Jay, Purplish

Kiskadee, Lesser

Macaw, Scarlet

Parrot, Mealy Amazon

Heron, Little Blue

Heron, Little Blue

Hummingbird, Violet-headed

Jay, Violaceous

Lancebill, Blue-fronted

Mountain Tanager, Scarlet-bellied

Parrot, Orange-cheeked

Potoo, Common

Puffbird, Swallow-winged

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