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My interest in nature began at an early age as my mother and her two siblings were keen lovers of nature. My first memory of a bird is the Bee-Eater, which my uncle and mother pointed out to me when I was about 8 years old. Amazingly, I can still picture those 7 or 8 birds taking off from the telegraphic wire to catch insects and gliding gracefully back to the perch.

My first camera was a Kodak Box Camera at about age 10, and my uncle gave me my first SLR, a Zeiss Ikon 35mm, in the summer of 1957. My main photographic interests were ski, scenic and life in general. I obtained my Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (LRPS) in 1990 with a set of Cibachrome prints of life at a floating market in Thailand. In September 2003, I was introduced to Air Commodore (Retired) Dickie Duckett, FRPS (Fellowship), who is a great bird and nature photographer living in England. He showed me just how far digital SLR's had developed. I was hooked, and immediately decided that bird photography was for me.

Along the way, I have had tremendous help from Chng Peng Eik ARPS, Ed Dubois, and Bob Steele. It has been a wonderful and rewarding beginning to nature photography. Attaining the ARPS in Nature in April 2005 was an incredible feeling. Since then, the Nature's Best Magazine 'Art in Nature' 2005 Winner and the 1st Honourable Mention Award at Nature Photographers Online Magazine's 2005 Editor's Pick are icing on the cake. I have since then gained one Bronze Medal and two Silvers from the Royal Photographic Society's International Projected Images Exhibitions. To all of the above, my heartfelt thanks.

I tackled deep sky Astrophotography head-on at the end of 2013 with my unmodified DSLR (Canon) and a 8 inch reflector telescope (Vixen). Needless to say results were less than satisfactory, but it helped in the learning curve which is very steep!  I have since upgraded to a monochrome cooled CCD camera (SBIG) and a Paramount MyT mount, as well as change my telescope to a 4 inch refractor (Stellarvue), all controlled by SkyX.  What a difference that made!   You can see samples of my efforts on this website.


All images are digitally captured.

My other passion - golf, which I have played competitively at the international level, has quickly taken a back seat to bird photography and Astrophotography!

Photo © Ed Dubois                                              KC Choo (ARPS)

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