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Racket-tail, Booted

Rail, Plumbeous

Rush Tyrant, Many-coloured

Sabrewing, Grey-breasted

Saltator, Buff-throated

Sapphire, Golden-tailed

Screamer, Horned

Screech Owl, Tawny Breasted

Sierra Finch, Band-tailed

Siskin, Hooded

Tanager, Blue-capped

Tanager, Beryl-spangled

Swift, White-collared

Sunbeam, Shining

Sparrow, Rufous-collared

Tanager, Grass-green

Tanager, Golden-eared

Tanager, Golden-collared

Tanager, Golden

Tanager, Blue-necked

Tanager, Masked-crimson

Tanager, Paradise

Tanager, Silver-beaked

Tanager, Spotted

Tanager, Turquoise

Teal, Yellow-billed

Thornbill, Rufous-capped

Thornbill, Wire-crested

Thrush, Great

Tiger Heron, Bare-throated

Vulture, Black

Tyrannulet, White-lored

Trogon, Masked

Woodpecker, Yellow-tufted

Woodpecker, Crimson-crested

Woodcreeper, Cinnamon-throated

Woodnymph, Fork-tailed

Trogon, Blue-crowned

Violetear, Sparkling

Wood Rail, Grey-necked

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