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Northern Hawk Owl

Surnia ulula

This rarity suddenly appeared in Cedar, B.C. near the city of Nanaimo, B.C. on January 24th, 2009 and stayed a while. I understand this is a female. It was the first time that I had seen this Owl and I spent a truly remarkable day observing and photographing it. Understandably, it quickly became a celebrity and attracted the local TV and Press, as well as birders from all over, including a quartet from Japan.

A couple of winters later, another one appeared at Westham Island, B.C. and stayed for quite a while. This marked the first time this Owl had been seen in over 30 years on the Lower Mainland, and it really attracted attention. On some days, 70-100 birders and photographers came to see it. And, it entertained all by catching voles daily.

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